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Cardan shaft and U-Joint

SWC Series Cardan shaf
LQA Series Cardan shaft
687.15-65 Cardan shaft
587.50-60 Cardan shaft
SWP Series Cardan shaft
392.50-90 Cardan shaft
390.60-80 Cardan shaft
SWP-G Series Cardan shaft
190.55-70 Cardan shaft
SWP-ZG Series Cardan shaft
SWP-FG Series Cardan shaft
WSD Small Cardan shaft
WSL WHL Series Cardan shaft
Cardan shaft parts

Gear Coupling

GIICL Gear Coupling
GIICLZ Gear Coupling
WGT Gear Coupling
WGP Gear Coupling
NGCLZ Gear Coupling
WGZ Gear Coupling
GICL Gear Coupling
GICLZ Gear Coupling
WGC Gear Coupling
GCLD Gear Coupling
TGL Nylon Gear Coupling

Another Coupling

GL, KC CR Chain coupling
LX, GR Flexible Coupling
LM Spider Flexible Coupling
UL Rubber Coupling
LZ Pin elastomer Gear Coupling
Another Coupling parts

About us

YANGZHOU LASTE MECHANICAL ENGINEERING CO.,LTD. located in Yangzhou Jiangshu China. is an enterprise specialized in mechanical drive design and manufacture. With rich production experience rooted in years of professional R&D of various shaft couplings, as well as favorable and unparallel advantages in R&D of high- and new-tech competitive products and bulk production, we can guarantee all our products manufactured in line with international and industry standards. And we also provide non-standard coupling products of reliable & stable quality in complete specifications, so as to meet the demand for updating and reforming mechanical products of various kinds, and to promote the shaft couplings up to requirements of different imported machinery. Our products have been widely applied in many industries related to mechanical drive in over 20 provinces and cities nationwide, and also exported to Czechoslovakia,Australia,Pakistan,Corea,Columbia,Venezuela,Canada,Russia,South Africa,Thailand,Taiwan,Hongkong,Egypt,Malaysia,Greece,Turkey,Singapore,Iran,India,Indonesia,Vietnam,Israel etc. more than 20 countries and regions abroad, mainly used for metallurgical machinery, steel-rolling machinery, universal machinery and some other heavy machinery.
The main products: Cardan shaft,Universal joint,Cross joint,Shaft coupling, universal coupling, universal shaft, propeller shaft, Gear Coupling,Grid Coupling,Disc Coupling,Flexible Coupling,Chain Coupling etc.


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The shaft coupling performs by connecting two shafts or the shaft with the rotary part, so as to keep them linked together during the transmitting movement and dynamic process. And it can also function as a compensation of the relative displacement between the shafts, a buffer, a shock absorber and a protector, etc
The universal coupling is a kind of shaft coupling that permits large-angle displacement between the shafts, specially used for connecting shafts in that condition. The compact design of radial external dimension ensures convenient maintenance, large transmitting torque, high efficiency, long service life and low noise during working. Driving of intersecting shafts can be delivered. The large-designed shaft angle can be altered during its running and the maximum shaft angle can reach 35 - 45 degrees. When a single universal coupling is used, the speed of driven shaft will fluctuate periodically. And this is mainly used for the transmission connecting of the intersecting shafts. Due to such features as large deviation angle and transmitting torque, the universal couplings are widely applied in Metallurgical machinery, steel rolling machinery, mining machinery, textile machinery, paper machinery, cement machinery, hoisting and conveying machinery, petroleum machinery, electrical machinery, chemical machinery, shipbuilding,etc. various conditions of universal machinery and heavy machinery.

Grid Coupling and DiscCoupling

JS Grid Coupling
1040T10-1160T10 Grid Coupling
JSB Grid Coupling
1040T20-1160T20 Grid Coupling
JSS Grid Coupling
1040T31-1140T31 Grid Coupling
JSD Grid Coupling
1040T35-1140T35 Grid Coupling
JSJ Grid Coupling
1040T50-1140T50 Grid Coupling
JSA Grid Coupling
1020T41-1150T41 Grid Coupling
JMII, JMIIJ Disc Coupling
JMI, JMIJ Disc Coupling
Coupling parts


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